Confinement Services.


We at Happy confinement believe in a holistic approach and are dedicated to the traditional way of confinement just like how we have been doing it for a hundred years with the added advantage of modern nutritionist and child development method. 

Dedicated baby room with seperate quarantine room


The center is equiped with state of the art secirty system with CCTV and electronic door. Safety and overall well being of the child is our priority so we have taken all measures to ensure that the baby is always is a safe and conducive environment.

Our center also have a dedicated quarantine room to make sure that any illness or virus are always contained. 

The baby room are also equip with climate and environment control system to make sure that so that the baby willl always be in a nice and comfortable climate.


Relaxing Environment 


We at Happy confinement believe that healing start from within. We provide a good environment to help start the healing process. with 24 hrs baby and mother care we aim to provide the best environment for both the mother and baby.


Confinement meals


All meals in the confinement center are prepared fresh daily and are made with careful consideration on the nutritional needs of the mother. We follow a strict traditional preparation with modern nutritional ingredient.

The meals are cooked by an experience confinement lady and the menu are change everyday to keep it interesting for the mummy.


24 Hours Nanny


We have 24 Hours round the clock nanny to care for the babies under the supervision of the center's resident consultant who has more than 60 years expereince as a registered nurse and "Bidan"

The center is a breastfeeding friendly center with free consultation from  a lactation consultant. We also have faicilites like a seperate fridge to store breast milk. We also provide traditional soup and supplement to help booast the milk production of the mother.


Confinement Centre in Penang.